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June 26, 2018
by Pam Thomas

6 Fun, Ridiculously Fun Ways to Enjoy Dallas For Free, Yes, For Nothing!

free things to do in Dallas, TX

Hanging around in the mall, window-shopping, people-watching and sitting around in a cafe are not the only free things you can do in Dallas. Some things cost you, literally, nothing right here in Dallas, TX. There’s, of course, nothing wrong with hanging around in malls because THAT can be fun too when you’re checking out the latest clothing, electronics and bargains in your favorite shops.

But we’re talking about cultural takes, art events, lounging around in parks while soaking up the summer sun, live music, stand-up comedy shows and a slew of many other indoor and outdoor activities to include into your summer schedule. While some may cost you a penny or two, others will cost you zero dollars!

See how your heart is beating a little faster from the thought of that? Yes, I know.

Deep Ellum, the Archipelago of Art, Entertainment and Endless Eating

There is, arguably, nothing quite like the Deep Ellum neighborhood when it comes to the arts, especially music. Dating back to more than a hundred years ago, it was rugged, rough and tough terrain. Deep Ellum, known as Deep Elm before it was officiated, was where aspiring musicians hone their craft and found their launch pads. It was where people who loved jazz and blues enjoy visiting, where the young danced and drank their nights away, and where artists found their deepest and most profound inspirations. The culture was so eclectic you can’t turn a corner in Deep Ellum without coming face to face with a theatre, art gallery or restaurant. What it was in the 1900s may be a part of the neighborhood’s history, the artistic spirit lives on in the district.
Even as you’re walking along the lively art district of Deep Ellum today, there are inspiring murals staring out at you, quirky art galleries ripe for window shopping, and concert venues that may have been once been a top spot for the local independent music scene. The good thing is that it continues to thrive today as it is. Lines of brew pubs, cocktail bars, diners featuring a melting pot of cuisine from around the world, but especially Tex-Mex, and warehouse basements and dated beloved concert halls with bizarre yet touching stories and jokes pouring out of them are still there to explore. Deep Ellum is also historically-significant because it started off as being a major shopping and business district for immigrants from Africa, Asia and many different corners of Europe.

Note: Please bear in mind that some the following restaurants offer fine-dining options and they come with a price tag. Choose wisely if you're trying to save money but...oh, but pizza and beer...they go so good together, don't they?

Our version of bottle service 🍕🔥 #canerosso #pizza #honeybastard

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Free Brewery Tour and Tasting in the Midst of Bustling Dallas

Four Corners Brewing Co.
1311, S Ervay Street, Dallas, TX 75215
(214) 748-2739,,,
Hours: Monday to Friday 4pm - 10pm, Saturday 12pm - 10pm, Sunday 12pm - 8pm; Free Tours around the brewery on Saturdays
Their motto is ‘where local flavors meet craft brewing’ and they amplify their focus throughout the tour. The taproom is also a true definition of good vibes, often frequented by locals and fans of the brewery. Their bestseller, ‘El Chingon’ is as solid as craft beers go, and mingling with the locals presents yourself with an opportunity to learn about the brewing process during the free tours held on almost every Saturday. Interested? You can tour the 18,000 square feet facility yourself on Saturday at 12 pm and 1.30 pm. Led by a partner or owners of the brewery, it lends a personal touch to the tour.

After the 45-minute tour,  sit down to sample their brews to discover your own personal favorites! To find out the latest events and deals with this unique and VERY popular microbrewery, follow their Twitter or Instagram accounts which are up-to-date, fun and informative.

Paying Homage to a Man Who Changed the American Political Landscape

Sixth Floor Museum, Memorial at Dealey Plaza
411 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75202
(214) 747-6660
The date was Nov 22, 1963.

Chances are, few of us writing or reading this right now was born during President Kennedy's assassination. Most of us only found out through whatever news pieces we were given or found from our history books or stories told by our parents or grandparents. Much of what his life was like, his work, his passion, his fight and his professional life remains a puzzle or scratches only the surface.

The museum and memorial, which was a former Texas School Book Depository, is like a time machine. It dives into not just the fateful day that the President was assassinated but also his life, times and legacy. For those unfamiliar with history, this is where Lee Harvey Oswald hid and shot the President, according to investigations concluded by the officials. It is, therefore, a monumental and a significant space to remember President Kennedy.

Apart from its other conventional exhibits (mentioned above), it brings in many others throughout the year. For instance, if you’re around this year (June to September 2018), the museum is holding a multimedia-rich exhibit called “Rebel Spirits - Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.” that explores and links between two of the most important American lives in the context of history and culture. It’s a field day for history teachers and students who love it. In terms of background and culture, Kennedy and MLK were almost polar opposites but lines of similarity are distinctively drawn between the two because both were killed within months of each other. They had an overlapping career path and shared interests in opposition of war, civil rights, and poverty issues.

And it’s all yours for the viewing at the museum!

Swashbuckling Cowboys & Cattle Drives in the Midst of Dallas Metropolis

Pioneer Plaza
1428 Young St, Dallas, TX 75202
( 214) 953-1184
The Pioneer Plaza and Convention Center District is easy to find - it’s literally right smack in the middle of downtown Dallas. Expect heavy footfall all year round at this top tourist attraction mainly because of its unique collection historical sculptures. It’s breathtaking and gives you all the "feels" of bring in the Big D.

Pioneer Plaza is a massive public park often visited by locals who are out for walks and tourists eager for their Instagram fixes. The impressive sculptures are worth seeing because it commemorates 19th-century Texan cattle drives for what it used to be. It used to float Dallas’ economic boat.

Commonly taking place along the Shawnee Trail, the earliest routes connecting the state of Texas to others around it, the 70-odd inspiring bronze sculptures dedicated to cattle and the swashbuckling cowboys driving them, designed and made by artist Robert Summers, makes for a fun backdrop.

With 3 trees planted daily, they've completed the planting and replanting of over 571,000 trees in the DFW metroplex so far and if you feel just as passionate about their projects (check them out on their social media and websites), donate or volunteer. And after all that hard work, give yourself a treat at one of the countless restaurants, cafes, and diners around the park.

Enjoy The Soothing Sounds of Fountains and Waterfalls in a Downtown Oasis

Fort Worth Water Gardens
1502 Commerce St, Fort Worth, TX 76102
(817) 392-7111
One can never underestimate the mysterious healing powers of water...and that’s what the Fort Worth Water Gardens is all about. It was the brainchild of New York architects, John Burgee and Philip Johnson who were doing it for the Amon G. Carter Foundation. Located between Fort Worth and Dallas, towards the former city’s south end, it is almost like walking straight into a waterfall area. The experience is surreal as the sound of crashing pools of water conflicts with the sight of the concrete jungle of the park’s surroundings.

There’s no admission charge for the park, it is a clean, spacious and relaxing space for a weekend outing. Billed as the "cooling oasis" of the downtown Fort Worth concrete jungle, the urban park also has a quiet, blue meditation pool surrounded by towering walls and calming trees, with pools of water creating a small avalanche that reminds you of a relaxing night of rain under a canopy of trees. It’s so Zen you’ll forget you’re in Fort Worth for a while.

Fort Worth Water Gardens 2003

Going Places in a Vintage Trolley

M Line Vintage Trolley
3153 Oak Grove Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 855-0006
It’s one of those things you get to do for free and it provides for a few hours of gleeful fun - a vintage trolley ride around town! In fact, kids are known to ask for extra rounds on the trolley even before they're done. Trudging along slopes, crawling around bustling city centers, and making its rounds placidly around town, the management has 2 decades of experience running the service and knows the route like the back of their hands.

The trolley service is a revival of sorts from the heritage streetcars of the past. It was actively run by the McKinney Avenue Transit Authority and revived in July of 1989. A large part of its intent was to preserve Dallas-Fort Worth heritage with the restored vintage trolley services, in part to run a convenient, efficient and free public transportation for people of all ages. It’s after all available 365 days a year, have heating and air-conditioning on board, are clean, reliable and free to take you around the neighborhoods.

The downside is that there are no designated parking spots for M-Line patrons because it grew so organically right from the start but visitors are advised to use a charter bus or park their cars at Uptown Station before boarding. To get on anywhere else, just look around for the maroon “M-Line Trolley" sign and stand beside it when the trolley approaches. Just like in the movies, if you need to get off, there’s a bell to ring on the trolley to let the Motorman know and then you’re off at the next stop. Although they DO charters, their main focus, together with the Dallas Area Rapid Transit, remains on covering an important geographical area in Dallas and Fort Worth that embraces the unique, historical aspects of Texas state. Two's really "something else".

Save Money and Spend it on What Matters More

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